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The new era has just begun,

place your business in the METAVERSE


The metaverse can be defined as a network of virtual worlds, which try to replicate reality, with a focus on social connection.
You can create a virtual experience that's as unique as your brand, and allows you to connect and engage with what matters most, people.


3D environments

We will bring your brand story to life with state-of-the-art 3D design. And thus create a unique corporate space that adds context to your content. And is a pleasure to explore.


Virtual Presentations

Transform your event from a stale live stream, into an experience to remember. Inspire, engage and connect your company/brand to the audience and the world emotionally. Emoji´s and gestures enable a truly social and collective experience.


NFTs & Digital arts

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. A digital artifact that reflects real-world assets such as art, music, in-game goods, and videos is known as an NFT.


Digital Avatars

Users can choose between an avatar or orbit camera navigation. This way you can adjust the experience to fit the need of your audience.

Virtual Exhibition rooms

Place your products in a 3D interactive environment. Let customers explore product details in 3D, or walk them through personally.  Facilitate group meetings or speeches. All with just a click, swipe, tap, or by video chat.


Virtual Fashion Show

Let the customers know your brand by presenting it to them in the metaverse. The newest technology has landed, and its potencial in the Fashion field is massive. The most famous brands in the sector are already in the metaverse after recognizing its profibility.

Virtual Concerts

Push your musical business forward by putting it in the metaverse! You can host millions of people in a single event. This technique keeps the audience engaged and motivated to stay through the entire hour-long concert

Hosting Meetings

Not everything is made for the limelight. Of course the space is also made for more intimate get-togethers. Like invitation-only meetings with key stakeholders, workshops or even VIP events like press conferences or influencer ambassador meetings.

General Features

  • Access via magic link, short code, email or paywall ticketing

  • Custom designed 3D environment

  • Persistent real-time multi-user environment

  • User profiles

  • Avatar configuration

  • Basic Avatar animations

  • Search function for participants

  • Different user groups and permissions (e.g. visitor, expert, speaker)

  • Integration of 3D product models
    2D website layers (e.g. for images, text, video)

  • Analytics & data reporting

  • Basic audio experience layer​

All Features

Communication Features

  • ​Creation of audience polls on-platform

  • private, group and room-based text chats

  • 1:1 and group audio conference

  • 1:1 and group video chats

  • Present & exchange as a group

  • Collaborative working with embedded tools

  • Schedule & host experts, speeches, or panel discussions in the space

  • Video consultancy with customers or groups

  • User reactions with emoji's

Navigation Features

  • Free avatar navigation with desktop, tablet & mobile support

  • Camera and or orbit navigation (defined positions in the room)

  • Classic website navigation for direct access to rooms and informations

  • Customizable hotspots for easy  product exploration, details & information

  • Integrate product details and information in embedded website pages

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