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Traffic and Boost


Here at Inovatech, we have traffic experts

Making a simple analogy is, for example, how many cars pass through a certain point in the city. We all know that there are places where access is more difficult. And in the digital world it's no different as the name suggests, it is directly linked to the number of people who visit your website, blog and social networks.


But what is traffic anyway?

Still using the car analogy, there are two types of traffic: Paid traffic and organic traffic, the difference is quite simple.  

Paid traffic is when we use mechanisms or software to help you reach a certain goal. Imagine you are in an unknown city and you don't know which places have the most cars, imagine you can pay for a shortcut, to get to your destination faster, that's basically what paid traffic does, it's kind of like of shortcut.  

In organic traffic, we work with direct information from people. For example, when you are looking for a restaurant, you usually ask a friend what his indications are about the best dishes, snacks and so on. In organic traffic we work with people promoting it to other people.

Technical description of the services!  

✅ Boosts 

✅ Ads

✅ Releases

✅ SEO and Google Ranking



With methodologies brought from Silicon Valley, we add innovation to your business DNA.


The world is digital, your company needs to be too. Let's put your business on the internet.


User experience is paramount for your business to succeed. We use UX and UI within our methodology.


Nothing better than a well told story to delight your customers. We'll use storytelling to create your strategy.

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