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How can e-commerce help your business?

E-commerce has increasingly become the breaking of barriers between a digitally positioned company and one that is not part of this new business model.  

With the evolution of the internet, it has become, in addition to an environment to find the most difficult answers to satisfy our curiosity, it has also become a place to expand business. Giving birth to a completely new Marketplace, where being present is extremely important.   


How to increase sales?

On the e-commerce site, it is possible to make well-defined automations that will help to expand your business, such as online payment, forms, newsletter, most wanted items, best sellers, among others. Serving as an aid to your business, to create a new sales channel, an environment to attract new customers and, above all, to be your online shop window for people who browse the web to find you more easily.  

And here at Inovatech we are specialists in transforming the local business into a fully digital market, expanding your business beyond physical borders.

Technical description of the Services!  

✅ Hotsite

✅ Virtual Stores

✅ Marketplace

✅ Saas

✅ Payment Gateway



With methodologies brought from Silicon Valley, we add innovation to your business DNA.


The world is digital, your company needs to be too. Let's put your business on the internet.


User experience is paramount for your business to succeed. We use UX and UI within our methodology.


Nothing better than a well told story to delight your customers. We'll use storytelling to create your strategy.

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